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Jade Eggs: Not all they’re cracked up to be

I was first introduced to jade eggs by a friend. She told me that since she had begun using one regularly, she had experienced better sex with her partner – including enhanced orgasms. It should be stated that she had a very healthy pelvic floor to begin with, so these perceived side effects could be coincidental, [...]

Prebiotics and Probiotics: Do they work?

Recently, I've had more than a few patients telling me that they are taking probiotics. To be honest, I didn't really know that much about probiotics, apart from the ever-present and utterly spoofable Activia television ads. So I did some research and this is what I found: Prebiotics are the basic fuel for probiotics. Prebiotics encompasses mostly carbohydrates [...]

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Acupuncture: just a placebo or something more?

I was welcomed to my inbox this morning by an article in The Atlantic, sent by a friend. Editor Jennie Rothenberg Gritz provides some insight into how the influx of alternative medicine is starting to shape our everyday lives. And since alternative medicine has become so present and recommended in today’s culture, there is more science being performed to back up [...]

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