Pushing Power Class

This summer we are pleased to host birthing expert, Chantal Traub, and her Pushing Power class. Chantal’s experience led her to create this class. In her own words:

What I’ve noticed from going to hundreds of births, is that women are often under prepared for the pushing part of labor. I feel this is due in part to a lack of understanding of and limited preparation for optimal pushing.

In my unique classes you will learn how to connect your breath with the pelvic floor and core.

We will discover what “2nd stage” of labor is and what happens during pushing and explore strategies to help it be more easeful and functional.

We will review positions and breath for effective pushing and how best to prepare beforehand for a functional balanced pelvis through each stage and postpartum recovery. We will learn some exercises to relax and release the pelvic floor muscles in order to let the baby out.

Whether an epidural or unmedicated birth is planned; my workshop will leave you feeling confident and prepared.

We are hosting two classes, on Wednesday July 31st and Wednesday August 28th. Fee for the class is $125, which also covers your partner. To register click here

About the Author:

Samira is a pelvic floor physical therapist at 5 Point PT. With an extensive background in orthopedics, Samira takes a total body approach to addressing pelvic floor dysfunction and pain.

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