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2020 POLESTAR® Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Starts September 12, 2020


If you have seen our new studio space, you know we have been preparing for Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training. This September Polestar Senior Educator, Kim Gibilisco and her teaching assistants will be training future Pilates instructors in our Chelsea studio.

The course begins on Saturday, Sep 12th 2020, and meets one weekend per month for six months. Below are the meeting dates:

September 12 & 13

October 10 & 11

November 14 & 15

December 12 & 13

January 9 & 10

February 6 & 7

All meetings are from 8am-5pm with a one-hour lunch break.

As we are only accepting 8 students for the cohort, we encourage you to complete the online registration as soon as possible.

The cost for the course is $6,800 and will include all six weekends of face-to face training, manuals, and the unique ability to study in a smaller group setting. A deposit of $3,400 for the course is due upon registration. The balance of $3,400 is due 30-days prior to the start of the course. Payment plans are available upon request by emailing polestar@5pointpt.net.

Mentorship Meetings will also be offered on select Fridays and Saturdays for a small additional charge. During the Mentorship Meetings, you will have access to the studio for required practice and check-offs under the guidance of one of our Mentors. The Mentorship Meeting schedule will be distributed on the first day of the course.

For more info on this email us at polestar@5pointpt.net or CLICK HERE

Pre-requisite for Comprehensive Training: Polestar Principles Online  use code KGNYC2018 for 25% off

For information on the Polestar’s Centralized Exam, click here. Students should plan to sit for the Centralized Exam no later than 12 months after the last meeting of S6. 

See below for the full breakdown of the 470 hours of Comprehensive Teacher Training (left column).


After having Kim as my mentor in the Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Cohort, I feel incredibly prepared to seek employment and jump into the workforce as a new Pilates instructor. Her wealth of knowledge on the repertoire and the body is truly a gift that any student would be lucky to have. Kim fosters a safe and fun learning environment, where students feel supported and able to explore. By the time students have completed their training with her, they are ready to succeed as teachers. Her energy lights up the room and inspires new generations of Pilates instructors.

Sean Langford, BFA, PMA®-CPT

Kim Gibilisco has a unique ability to speak a language that your body understands. She motivates and encourages while providing the necessary framework in order for us to be successful in the Polestar Pilates program. She is a treasure and we are lucky to have her as a teacher.

LaToya S. Asher, DPT, Polestar Pilates HSS 2014 Cohort

Kim is truly a movement whisperer. She possesses a keen understanding of the body and movement in all ranges from normal to injured. Kim is an amazing teacher and every session with her has been helpful and inspiring to me in my Pilates training. I’m grateful to have her as my mentor in the Polestar Pilates Transition program.

Michelle Kennedy, PT, Polestar Transition Student

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kim. For starters, she is a fantastic motivator. She engages you and gets you excited about the material you are learning, regardless of how difficult or challenging it may be. Kim is very supportive and patient and she will help you find your way back on track. What really stand out to me about Kim though is how she truly wants all of her students to succeed. She believes in what she is teaching, and she wishes to impart this knowledge upon all of her students so that they may experience success, good health, and prosperity.

Vera Karge, DPT, Polestar Pilates HSS 2014 Cohort