Pelvic Health and Wellness

Oncology, Breast Oncology and Lymphedema


Pelvic Health and Wellness hands-on care

At 5 Point Physical Therapy, our focus is on guiding you to regain and maintain optimal pelvic function. With a dedicated specialist, your care is personalized, employing precise techniques that surpass standard therapeutic care.

Work one-on-one with our trained and experienced physical therapists. Our hands-on care is crafted around your individual needs.  For patients with pelvic health issues this involves far more than kegel exercises!


Stacey on reformer

Your Pelvic Floor after Baby

Watch Stacey, founder of 5 Point Physical Therapy, talk about her own experience on the TODAY SHOW.


More About Treatment Options at 5 Point PT

Beyond our core offerings in pelvic rehabilitation and wellness, the 5 Point Physical Therapy family extends specialized services at our New Jersey location. There, we offer a dedicated program for breast oncology, oncology rehabilitation, and lymphedema management.

This specialized care is designed to support individuals on their journey through recovery and beyond, with treatments that are as unique as the challenges faced during and after cancer treatment. Our team, led by experienced therapists, employs a compassionate approach, ensuring that each patient receives the focused attention necessary for effective healing and improved quality of life.