Wellness Center

At 5 Point Physical Therapy we have excellent wellness approaches available to you in both of our offices.

As a total Wellness Center, you have a team of practitioners to relieve pain and stress with acupuncture. Add the benefits of Pilates and find out just how amazing you can feel every day. Your physical therapist can help you decide what is right for your specific plan of care.

NYC Location

Brill Physical Therapy
Bridgewater Pilates
Danielle Gamble Skin
Dr. Erica Ng Acupuncture
Pilates by John
Mudras Massage
5 Point Acupuncture
SAHM Acupuncture

New Jersey Location

SAHM Acupuncture

Practitioners We Love

New Jersey


Seven Point Wellness

Lactaction Consultant

Little Bean Lactation

Lactaction Ally



Align Wellness

Functional Medicine

Firefly Wellness

Alison Fox, MD 


Complimentary Services


Your Pace Yoga (DVD)

Deborah Quilter (Yoga/Feldenkreis)

Child Birth Education

Chantal Traub – (We recommend her Pushing Power class)





Amy Rosenberg LCSW (Sex Therapy)