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Pregnant? We have some new research for you

At 5 Point Physical Therapy we practice what we preach. When our founder, Stacey, was pregnant with her daughter she made sure to include prenatal pelvic floor physical therapy in her pregnancy journey. Stacey shares: “I was delivered by a midwife and a doula. At 45 I was able to have a vaginal delivery [...]

The Journey to Postpartum Exercise

Returning to exercise was the one thing I was most eager to do postpartum. I had exercised throughout my pregnancy 1-2 hours/day and had remained in my triathlon training group for the first four months of pregnancy. I had felt so strong during my pregnancy. Postpartum however I was a totally different person. My [...]

CrossFit & Pregnancy

When I decided to explore this particular topic, I figured it would be a controversial one. Our team at 5 Point PT recently attended APTA CSM, where we sat in on a lecture on CrossFit during pregnancy that really got my wheels turning. The presenters made a point that a lot of CrossFit movements are [...]

C-Sections – An exploration

In recent years, we've seen a sharp increase in C-sections. What is the reason for this? Is it because we are delivering babies at an older age? Or do hospitals fear being sued? Or something else entirely? According to a recent study from August 2016, the US C-section rate in 1965 was 4.5 percent. [...]

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The Episiotomy

Here at 5 Point PT we treat many postpartum patients, and I've always wondered why a physician would choose an episiotomy for a patient during a vaginal delivery. While researching, I found that in 2006, the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommended “restricted use of episiotomies.”  Meaning that physicians should only use this technique when its absolutely [...]

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I have been very interested in postpartum care lately... We welcome lots of mothers and their newborns coming into our baby-friendly clinic. As pelvic floor physical therapists, we should be educating these postpartum patients on what is safe for them, movement-wise, whether breastfeeding or not. I find that diastasis rectus is overlooked in many cases and should be [...]

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Prolapse after Childbirth: What to do?

Childbirth is a wonderful miracle, but it does have its own unique complications, some of which people are hesitant to talk openly about. Regardless of whether you have a vaginal delivery or cesarian section, prolapse is a very real possibility. There are many effective ways to treat prolapse, but first we should talk about why it happens, as [...]

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Postpartum Intimacy

I am a huge fan of the show Friday Night Lights.  As I approached the second season, an issue arises where one of the characters (Tami Taylor) experiences difficulty getting intimate with her husband, about 6 weeks after she had given birth. Most doctors tell new mothers that they’re ‘allowed’ to have sex after 6 [...]

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