New! Pregnancy Wellness Package

Your body goes through significant changes during pregnancy and labor. You may experience low back pain, groin pain, diastasis recti, urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, and scarring from C-section or episiotomy. Did you know you don’t have to “live with it”? We are now offering a Pregnancy Wellness Package, which is designed to help you [...]

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5 Point Physical Therapy on The Today Show

IT'S LIVE! On May 1st, the Today Show had a segment on pelvic floor physical therapy for post-partum women, which featured 5 Point PT's very own Stacey Futterman Tauriello and Deena Kimiatek. Here is Stacey's reaction to this segment: Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the producers and editors of the Today Show [...]

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Young athletes can have incontinence too

Practicing at 5 Point Physical Therapy, you would think we only see incontinence in an older population. However, younger patients come in with these issues and they can be caused by current or lingering orthopedic injuries. In active young adults, any altercation in your movement patterns can contribute to the integrity of your pelvic floor. [...]

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