Gwen Harvey, PT, MSPT

Strong conviction, life experience, compassion and empathy have been the main drivers in Gwen Harvey’s decision to dedicate her career to woman’s health care and wellness.  Early in her career she worked in the field of pediatrics working with children in hospitals, schools and homecare settings both in New York and Puerto Rico. She was first exposed to the growing specialization of woman’s health physical therapy over 18 years ago on a personal level, facing the challenges of birthing with a spinal fusion. She learned there are many important rehabilitation concepts that are useful for both pregnant and post-partum woman to consider on their journey to maintain and return to fitness and wellness not typically addressed in the traditional medical model.

As a mother of two school-aged children she challenged herself by participating in a rigorous 600-hour year long course offered at a mid-wife run health center in San Juan, expanding her professional toolbox by becoming both a birthing educator and a Doula. She worked privately with families, and their obstetricians and/or midwifes in Puerto Rico in this capacity. While still living in Puerto Rico, she traveled to visit 5 Points and had the opportunity to meet and study with Stacey Futterman. She has practiced in both orthopedic and pelvic floor outpatient settings and was invited join the team at 5 points in 2020.

Gwen has advanced her clinical knowledge of pelvic floor therapy through extensive coursework with the Herman Wallace Institute further expanding her knowledge for treating patients with a full gamut of pelvic floor dysfunctions. Gwen strongly believes in the important role physical therapy can play in the pre-partum and post-partum care of women. She also clearly understands pelvic floor dysfunction can arise from many different sources. She gives her all working collaboratively with her patients to tailor individualized treatments to help them on the road to alleviate their problems, avoid common pitfalls, and return to wellness.

Gwen Harvey, PT, MSPT

Gwen Harvey

Degrees, Certifications and Research

      • Bachelor of Science Ecology and Resource Management, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
      • Masters of Science Physical Therapy, Columbia University (New York, NY)
      • Birthing Educator, Doula Caribe (San Juan,PR)
      • Doula Certificate, Doula Caribe (San Juan, PR)