We all have our WCS!

We all passed our exam!  We finally received the results of the WCS, and myself, Kara, and Erica all passed.  That means that all four therapists at 5 Point PT are now board certified women’s health clinical specialists.  We will get to receive our certification at the PT conference in San Antonio in February.


We started this process about a year ago.  In our staff meeting, Stacey encouraged us to apply for the certification.  So we set things in motion, starting with putting together a case study which took over a month to do.  Then we had to prove we had 2000 hours of experience treating women’s health specific issues.   Once we got approved, we then spent many months studying! Countless days spent reviewing anatomy, pregnancy, pelvic floor, etc.  Finally taking the 200 question exam in March.

All of our hard work paid off, as we found out we passed yesterday! As a PT, this is a huge career milestone. Prior to this certification exam, there were only 276 physical therapists with the WCS certification.

5 Point PT is the only clinic in the city where all of the therapists are board certified women’s health clinical specialists

So consider yourself lucky if you are already coming to 5 Point PT for treatment! And if you are looking for a specialized PT to help with any women’s health related issue, be sure to contact us and book a free 15 minute phone consultation.


Side note: We recently added a fifth therapist, Charlene, and she specializes in orthopedics.  She has already taken one pelvic floor class and is scheduled to take several more.  We hope she will join us and take the WCS in the future!